Ricardo Delfín
Ricardo Delfín

My First Blog

Created at 2019-08-25 14:13:24 UTC
Last modified at 2019-09-01 22:22:03 UTC
London City Hall with Tower Bridge in the background, in Southwark, London.

Welcome to my blog!

Hello. My name is Ricardo Delfin, and this is my first blog entry. Just a little bit about myself first. I am currently a Production Engineer at Facebook Ireland (though in the process of moving to Facebook London). That means that I'm one of the countless people keeping all of Facebook up and running (most of the time at least). I'm currently working on server provisioning and hardware repair, a problem that turns out to a lot harder and more painful than you'd think when you get to our scale. You'd be surprised all the things that can, and will break.

This blog is a bit of a new adventure for me so bear with me as I figure out what the purpose of this blog is going to be. Part of my goal with this is to talk about a mix of subjects. Some blog entries will talk about technology, coding, and new tools that I've learned how to use. One of the ones I plan on writing at some point is a blog on how to use eBPF to find cool things about your computer. An example of how you might see some code displayed in this blog:

def main():
    print("Hello, World!")

I also plan on going off into more personal tangents and write about interests, hobbies, and just anything that pops into my mind. I'm still figuring out how to build this page, but eventually, I'll probably set up a system of tags so I can separate out the different discussions and topics, so you can choose to only look at one or the other. I hope this foray into blogging is as interesting for all of you as it will be for me!